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AMV BBDO Clients

Economist Newspapers The Economist, The Economist Europe, The Economist Intelligence Unit Newspapers, Magazines, Books Interactive 1984
Procter & Gamble Right Guard, Gillette Shaving Interactive 1983
Procter & Gamble Oral B Oral Hygiene Interactive 1983
PepsiCo Inc. : Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, 7Up, 7Up Free, PJ Smoothies Non-Alcoholic Interactive 1981
J. Sainsbury Sainsbury's Bank Banking & Financial Services, Investments, Stock Brokers Interactive 1979
J. Sainsbury J Sainsbury's, Sainsbury's Fashion Retail, Distribution & Restaurants Interactive 1979
Breast Cancer Awareness Breast Cancer Awareness Disease Awareness, Support Groups & Associations Interactive
Microban Microban, Anti-bacterial Protection Cleaning Products, Soaps, Detergents Interactive - 2013
Aer Lingus - Ireland's International Airline Aer Lingus, Airline Company Airlines, Airports, Railways, Bus Lines, Ferries & Cruises Interactive - 2013
Capital Radio 95.8 capital FM, Radio TV/Radio Programs & Stations Interactive - 2013
British Telecom Cellnet Cellnet, Mobile Phones Mobile Telephone & tablets Interactive - 2013
Dell Dell, Computers Business Computers, Workstations & Servers Interactive - 2013
Dunlop Dunlop, Tyres Tires, Accessories, Oil, Petrol, Gasoline Interactive - 2013
Granada UK Granada home technology Consumer Electronics & Audio-Visual Interactive - 2013
Diageo Guinness, Foreign Extra Beers, Ciders, Lagers Interactive - 2013