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Audio Post Production
Campaign Paintball
Advertiser Camelot Group
Brand Euromillions, The National Lottery
Business Sector Lottery & Gambling
Story The first ad in the campaign opens on three helicopters flying low over the ocean, heading towards a remote and exotic-looking tropical island, covered in lush, dense jungle. Below we can see jet skis powering across the waves headed in the same direction. Inside each helicopter we see people dressed in black secret agent style outfits, who then descend on wires into the jungle below. As they move into the undergrowth, someone is suddenly hit in the chest with a blue paintball splatter. “Typical!” we hear him mutter through his helmet. The others around him quickly return fire and suddenly the camera finds itself in the middle of a frenzied, colourful paintball fight taking place in the jungle. As more players get hit and they remove their headgear, we can see that everyone is laughing and having a great time. A title appears on screen over a slow-motion shot of the man responsible for all the fun: ‘There are Millionaires. Then there are EuroMillionaires.’
Media Type Television & Cinema
Director Traktor
Production Company Traktor
Art Director
Account Planner
Media Director
Advertising Manager

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