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KFC - "KFC Xmas - Come Together" - Bartle Bogle Hegarty

  • KFC Xmas - Come Together
  • KFC
  • KFC Corporation
  • Bartle Bogle Hegarty
  • United Kingdom
  • KFC Xmas
Product CategoryRestaurants & Fast Food
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationNovember 30, 2013
Media TypeTelevision
Length150 Seconds
Production Company Biscuit Filmworks UK
Editing Company Final Cut
Artist The Hot Sauce Posse
Music The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music
Sound String and Tins
Post Production Electric Theatre Collective
Creative Director Marc Hatfield
Art Director David Kolbusz
Art Director Chris Clarke
Copywriter David Kolbusz
Copywriter Matthew Moreland
Director Tim Godsall
Production Company Producer Amy Appleton
Director of Photography David Procter
Producer Rachel Hough
Production Manager Nicola Dempsey
Executive Producer Orlando Wood
Account Director Phil Baker
Agency Producer Rachel Hough
Account Manager Leo Sloley
Post Production Matt Williams
Editor Rick Russell
Telecine Aubrey Woodiwiss
Special Effects / VFX Giles Cheetham
Sound Designer Will Cohen
Advertising Manager Jennelle Tilling
Advertising Manager Meghan Farren
Strategic Business Lead Sian Cook
Strategy Director Ross Berthinussen
Strategist John Jones
Deputy Executive Creative Director David Kolbusz
Assistant Producer Vaia Ikonomou
Cause there’s one thing on which we all agree The delicious taste of KFC


This film is a sweeping epic, shot like a music video. It shows various groups of people at Christmas, who would normally be at odds with each other, being brought together by the taste of KFC. The narrative is sung and performed by each character as we see their festive predicament.But this year they all come together over a bucket of KFC and put all their differences aside.


The Christmas campaign sees the launch of a new creative platform for KFC - Unity.
Togetherness is at the heart of the KFC experience.
Unlike any other food brand, KFC brings people together to share a unique and common taste.
The stresses and tensions of the holiday season provided fertile creative ground to launch this new idea 


KFC - the taste that unites at Christmas