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July 25, 2013

BBH London presents bespoke ‘Fresh News’ Facebook experience Mentos, the confectionery brand owned by Perfetti Van Melle, has launched a global digital platform which allows users to create a humorous personalized video ‘news report’ based on their Facebook activity. In March, BBH London launched a global TV & print campaign for Mentos to introduce the new brand end line, ‘Stay Fresh’. Based on Mentos’ mission of ‘helping the world be fresher’, the new ‘Fresh News’ digital platform (, created by BBH London, uses Facebook data to create totally bespoke pieces of film for each and every user. After using Facebook Connect to log in to the platform, the app serves up a humorous and unique ‘news report’ in which two newsreaders present a satirical report on the user’s recent Facebook activity and their various connected social accounts like Foursquare. The smart use of data pulls together a number of inferences about the user based on a variety of rules matched against their Facebook behaviour. This means that there are literally millions of possible unique video combinations for each user that can be made using the App. The platform, which exists as a Facebook App and a standalone .com [insert link], then invites users to share their bespoke film with their friends through their social channels. Fresh News has been built using the latest technology platforms to deliver an experience which embodies Mentos’ brand positioning of ‘freshness’. The smart use of data helps the App show users how ‘fresh’ they are, based on their social activity. Pablo Marques, Creative Director at BBH commented “We wrote and filmed hundreds of possible jokes, but of course the funniest Fresh News reports are the ones about yourself or your friends!” Corrado Bianchi, International Marketing Director, Perfetti Van Melle commented "We know we're in a cluttered category as a brand and even busier social space with this youth audience so we need really distinctive communications. Fresh News is bold step in the right direction in our mission to help the world be fresher"


  • Title: Fresh News
  • Brand: Mentos