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‘A World Apart’ a film by BBH and Martin de Thurah for mothers2mothers

November 25, 2013

Tuesday 26th November 2013, (in run up to World AIDs Day, 1st December) leading advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty and acclaimed Danish film director Martin de Thurah will release their short film made especially for mothers2mothers (m2m), a charity that works to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.
Created by BBH, directed by Martin de Thurah, with post-production by The Mill, the 2 minute film brings the experience of HIV-positive African mothers to the global north. Actress Skye Bennett plays a young HIV-positive mother in a developed western city dealing with the over-stretched health system and lack of support experienced by some of the 1.3 million pregnant HIV-positive women in sub-Saharan Africa each year.

These women not only contend with stigma and discrimination, often from those closest to them, but also face increased risk of maternal mortality and the prospect of potentially passing on the deadly virus to their babies. Without the right treatment and support, 50% of the 260,000 children born with HIV each year will die before their second birthday.

This does not need to happen. Improvements in medication and treatment now mean that the transmission of HIV from mother-to-child is preventable. The babies born HIV negative because of the one million plus women reached by mothers2mothers is proof of this.

We now have the chance to make birth about life, and nothing else. mothers2mothers wants to reach another million women. Join us: Share the film and follow the campaign on Twitter via #PREVENTBABYHIV, @m2mtweets and on Facebook.

“When I first found out about mothers2mothers I thought it was so intriguing, so positive and well thought through. It’s getting behind a movement like this that genuinely can make a difference, which makes it interesting for us to work on. What makes the film so powerful is the very simple creative technique of juxtaposition; here we take the problems that an African mother would have in dealing with being told she is HIV-positive but we transpose everything that happens to her to a Western European country and the shock and the horror of it becomes more poignant. That's what makes it a powerful film.” Sir John Hegarty, Founder BBH.
“We thank Sir John Hegarty and the team at BBH for their very generous support for this powerful film and the new website they have created for us. The film illustrates better than words why mothers2mothers’ team of HIV-positive Mentor Mothers on the ground are so important; for the support and hope they offer their peers. Please share the film and help us raise the funds we need to eliminate AIDS in children because Maternal and Infant deaths from AIDS are unnecessary and unacceptable. No baby should be born with HIV and no mother should die of AIDS.” Dr. Mitch Besser, Founder, mothers2mothers

Campaign: Birth Should Be About Life

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  • Title: A World Apart
  • Brand: Mothers 2 Mothers