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Weetabix invests £7m in Big Day Launch

July 18, 2011

It's a big day for Weetabix, Britain's favourite breakfast cereal. This weekend a £7m campain kicks off designed to position the brand as the ideal start for dealing with a busy day.

The new campaign dramatises the role Weetabix can play in setting people up for a busy day; a promise which is backed up by a brand new pack design featuring the brand’s slow release energy credentials.

Focused on the gentle rivalries that exist in all households, a series of 60' and 30' TV commercials have been created featuring a typical British family’s light-hearted debate over who has the busiest day. Created by ad agency BBH, each execution signs off with the end-line ”Weetabix. Fuel for Big Days” and will run nationally over the next few months.

Supporting the TV will be a series of nationwide radio ads, smartphone initiatives, social media and YouTube activity.

Weetabix is the brand leader in the £1.5 billion UK cereal category with household penetration at 33 per cent* and a market share of 7.8 per cent. The cereal is eaten regularly by 8.3 million consumers with 890 million bowls consumed each year.*

Weetabix is the No.1 cereal brand in the UK and has been a great British icon for the past 80 years. However, it stands for different things for many consumers and we embarked on a key project to find that one defining piece of insight which differentiates the brand within the cereals category," said Adrian Mooney, Weetabix Head of Marketing.

"At the heart of our new proposition is the fundamental truth that for most people, life is getting busier and more demanding. In research we found that in the course of a week 3-4 days will be busier than others. Consumers said to us that a big day ahead could mean a maths test, a long drive, making a presentation at work or simply ferrying the kids between activities.

"The new campaign is designed to tap into that truth and the need that all people from babies to senior citizens have for sustained energy to get them through their big day without faltering.”

Two Weetabix biscuits with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk has a Glycaemic Index of 47, making it a low GI food. Low GI foods release their energy slowly and help keep you fuller for longer.

"We want Weetabix to own that 'Big Day' moment," said Mooney. "Our aim is for Weetabix to be front of mind for consumers when they think about preparing for their busy day."

The light-hearted ads feature a family seated around a breakfast table. Each family member contemplates the busy day that lies ahead in a series of flash forward sequences. Dad, Mum, Son and toddler all seek to outdo the others as they tuck into their bowls of Weetabix.

A vibrant new design, developed by Springetts, is going into store now to coincide with the new campaign. The front of pack has been modernised and now features a prominent 'slow release energy' motif. This is explained in more detail on the back of pack under the line ‘fuel your day’.

Radio ads will run later in the year and a digital campaign will run in support of PR and other marketing activities.

"Weetabix is the backbone of British family life," said Mooney. "The brand stands for simplicity, honesty and wholesomeness and it's as good today as it always has been. We believe this new campaign will help to drive frequency and enhance our position as the nation's favourite breakfast cereal."

Dominic Goldman, Creative Director, BBH comments: "The fast pace of modern life can be exhausting; and yet it's typically English to wear your busy day like a badge of honour. We leveraged this insight and created a game of oneupmanship centred around the breakfast table, where a family compares notes whilst fuelling up with Weetabix to prepare themselves for the big day ahead."