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Weetabix & BBH launch "Weetakid" Game

October 20, 2011

New app encourages children to reach for the Weetabix Yellow Box 

BBH and Weetabix are launching Weetakid, an augmented reality adventure game aimed at encouraging children to take Weetabix out of the cupboard more regularly.

The app is a playful execution of Weetabix’s brand strategy, Fuel for Big Days, and a direct solution to a clear business challenge: getting Weetabix boxes onto the breakfast table more often by presenting children with a whole new way to interact with their cereal pack. At the same time it highlights the importance of a good diet by demonstrating how Weetabix fills you up with slow release energy to get through the busy day ahead.

The game, designed by Yum Yum London, sees users take control of Weetakid, a happy and lovable yellow creature whose magical world has been robbed of all its energy by the Evil Eater, the galaxy’s villain. Weetakid and his sidekick Nibbles, voiced by Brian Blessed, must go on a quest to retrieve the items stolen by the Evil Eater. However Weetakid, like any other kid, needs energy so every morning kids are prompted to feed the character to ensure that they both have a day full of fun and adventure.

An AR illustration printed on the back of Weetabix will enable kids to fuel their Weetakid character for game play by feeding it a bowl of Weetabix every morning. The link between box and game is a special and symbiotic one – the box doesn’t get in the way of the experience, it actually enhances it. At a certain point in the game, players are prompted to point their device's camera at the back of the Weetabix Yellow Box. The game then launches into a stunning augmented reality sequence whereby Weetakid appears to magically jump out of the app and onto the real world. Cleverly, Weetakid’s energy levels are automatically depleted at 5am every day, meaning players are prompted to reach for the Weetabix box every morning."

It will be promoted on-pack, online on Facebook and Twitter, and with sponsorship idents airing on Nickelodeon.

Weetakid is available for download free from the Apple App Store now and can be played on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The Weetakid branded boxes are available in selected stores from now, with widespread availability from mid-October.

Francesca Davies, Marketing Manager at Weetabix said, “We had a brilliant time developing the game. Weetakid is an immensely lovable character and his world is full of bright and exciting creatures for kids to discover. We know kids will have loads of fun fuelling Weetakid for his busy day ahead, energising him in the battle against the Evil Eater and helping him to rebuild his world.”

Pablo Marques, Creative Director, BBH comments “Weetakid is a perfect example of how interactive creativity can be a powerful tool for helping us directly solve true business problems. Creating Weetakid's world was a very fulfilling journey. We wrote songs, created villains, drew up games and gave life to cute little creatures. We have built something we are very proud of, that will help our client and that hopefully will entertain many kids in the months to come.”