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Marmite Snacks - "Yukyum 2" - adam&eveDDB

  • Yukyum 2
  • Marmite Snacks
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  • Marmite Snacks Love Hate
Product CategoryCocktail Snacks
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationSeptember 2, 2008
Media TypeMagazine
Awards Epica Awards, 2008 (Epica d'Or) for
Epica Awards, 2008 (Gold) for Food
Art Director Noah Regan
Art Director Graeme Hall
Copywriter Graeme Hall
Copywriter Noah Regan
Account Planner Georgia Challis
Account Manager Jon Busk
Account Manager Simon Alexander
Account Manager George Roberts
Photographer Andy Grimshaw
Illustrator Al Murphy
You'll either love them or you'll hate them


‘Yukyum’ has someone either enjoying or hating a cheddar bite


It employs a clever visual device to communicate the fact that there’s a new range of snacking products that you’ll either love or hate.

Using bold colours and simple illustrations, the executions show someone loving the product if looked at from one angle, but hating the product if looked at from a different point of view.