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Hovis - "Dustbin" - adam&eveDDB

  • Dustbin
  • Hovis
  • Rank Hovis McDougall Limited
  • adam&eveDDB
  • United Kingdom
  • Repackaging Goodness
Product NameBread
Product CategoryBiscuits, Bread, Crispbread
MarketUnited Kingdom
Media TypeTelevision
Length30 Seconds
Awards IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2002 (Effectiveness Agency of the Year >£100m) for
IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2002 (Silver) for
International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards - FAB Awards, 2002 (FAB Campaign) for Baking / Sweet Foods
Production Company Studio AKA
Creative Director John Webster
Creative Director Garrick Hamm
Account Planner Vicki Holgate
Advertising Manager Paula Moss
Get something good inside.


This case demonstrates how the re-launch of Hovis resulted in massively increased profits. The re-launch included radical new advertising and packaging based on the core brand value of 'everyday goodness'. They drove demand to such and extent that Hovis was able to increase volume at the same time as increasing price - totally counterintuitive. Hovis was the fastest growing non-alcoholic grocery brand over the last year (+26%). And both the advertising and packaging paid for themselves and more.