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Product NameMilk
Product CategoryMilk & Milk Based
MarketUnited Kingdom
Media TypeTelevision
Length10 Seconds
Awards IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2002 (Effectiveness Agency of the Year >£100m) for
IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2002 (Silver) for
Production Company Passion Pictures
Creative Director Larry Barker
Art Director Ted Heath
Art Director Paul Angus
Art Director Tim Charlesworth
Art Director Mike Kaplan
Creative Team Ted Heath
Creative Team Paul Angus
Creative Team Tim Charlesworth
Creative Team Mike Kaplan
Copywriter Ted Heath
Copywriter Paul Angus
Copywriter Tim Charlesworth
Copywriter Mike Kaplan
Director Olie Reed
Account Planner Andrew Perkins
Advertising Manager Andrew Owens


From Bland to Brand; how The Dairy Council showed it was made of The White Stuff

“The White Stuff” campaign of 2000-2001 dramatically improved the fortunes of milk. A strong insight into the image of milk and its consumers led to a powerful creative idea and a media strategy that used an unprecedented range of communication channels, from TV and radio, to packs, milk trucks and even farmers’ fields. This made the campaign 4 times more efficient than had been predicted, to give farmers and dairies a £20.8m return on their £8.2m investment.