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Budweiser - "Whassup" - adam&eveDDB

  • Whassup
  • Budweiser
  • Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
  • adam&eveDDB
  • United Kingdom
  • Frogs, Frogs & Lizards, Whassup
Product CategoryBeers, Ciders, Lagers
MarketUnited Kingdom
Media TypeTelevision
Length60 Seconds
Awards IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2002 (Effectiveness Agency of the Year >£100m) for
IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2002 (Silver) for
Production Company C&C-Storm Films
Art Director Chuck Taylor
Art Director Justin Reardon
Group Creative Director Don Pogany
Copywriter Vinny Warren
Director Charles Stone
Advertising Manager Randall Blackford


Frogs, Lizards, Whassup? Marketing share that’s what.
This case shows how Budweiser that had slipped into decline in mid 1998 had turned a brand’s fortunes around and rejuvenated brand awareness. The case demonstrates how advertising was the lynchpin of Budweiser’s recovery programme. Frogs, Frogs and Lizards, and Whassup?