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Product NameNew Polo
Product CategoryCars
MarketUnited Kingdom
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationFebruary 2, 2002
Media TypePrint
Awards EURO EFFIES / EACA Euro Effies, 2003 (Finalist) for
Account Director Boris Zolyniak
Advertising Manager Michael Grosche
Advertising Manager Martina Berg
Advertising Manager Achim Glogowski
International Director Martyn Farmer
Senior International Planner Jason Lusty
Head of Marketing Communications Michael Grosche
Head of Classical Advertising Martina Berg
Advertising International Achim Glogowski
The Tough New Polo .Careful It Doesn't Go To Your Head’


The New Polo makes the driver feel so tough that he has the confidence to park his car amongst bikers (who are renowned for being hard and tough). Not the sort of people you’d park with ordinarily.


To launch the New Polo