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Product NamePolo
Product CategoryCars
MarketUnited Kingdom
Media TypePrint
Awards Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2005 (Silver Lion ) for Cars
CLIO Awards, 2005 (Silver) for Automotive
CLIO Awards, 2005 (Silver) for Automotive
The One Show, 2005 (Silver) for Consumer Newspaper: Over 600 Lines - Single
D&AD Awards / Yellow Pencil, 2005 (Silver Award) for Posters: Consumer Posters/Individual Pavement (Sidewalk)/Adshel
D&AD Awards / Yellow Pencil, 2005 (Nominee) for Press Advertising: Consumer Magazines/Individual Colour
International ANDY Awards, 2005 (Bronze) for Automotive
Advertising Creative Circle Awards, 2005 (Silver) for Best Poster
Advertising Creative Circle Awards, 2005 (Gold) for Best Portrait Poster
Advertising Creative Circle Awards, 2005 (Gold) for Best Newspaper Advertisement
Creative Director Jeremy Craigen
Creative Director Ewan Paterson
Art Director Nick Allsop
Copywriter Simon Veksner
Account Manager Richard Stainer
Account Manager Michael Flatt
Illustrator Paul Slater
Typographer Peter Mould
Marketing Manager Catherine Woolfe
Brand Manager Catherine Woolfe


Volkswagen’s new (as of 1995) mass market volume objectives have meant many campaigns have been developed for model specific target audiences. However, we have maintained a degree of cross-campaign coherence by creating a common tone of voice across all campaigns. We have also ensured that the single messages we try to deliver about each individual model – Polo’s sturdiness, Golf’s refined classiness, Passat’s engineering attention to detail – are ultimately common Volkswagen engineering values.


Volkswagen is a brand that has to appeal to many audiences, with many different product offerings. It has to do this whilst retaining overall brand values which support its individual product messages.


Volkswagen were DDB London’s founding client in 1968 and in 2005 The Gunn Report named them as the most creatively awarded client in its history.
Over the course of our relationship with Volkswagen we have won 5 Effectiveness Awards and scores of creative awards.
The work featured on this page is some of our most recent.