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On the day of European Elections turns Farage into Europe's No.1 fan

May 21, 2014, the champions of last minute travel and leisure, wants to promote their love for Europe by using an unlikely advocate in their latest viral video;UKIP leader (and outspoken Eurosceptic) Nigel Farage.

Though Farage might be better known for urging greater distance from our neighbours, in this light hearted piece of content it seems he has changed his tune and has fallen at last for the continent's charms. Well, at least when it comes to a European holidays.

Tammy Einav, Managing Director, adam&eveDDB, said: " has always been a brand you can have fun with. That history gives us permission to be entertaining and irreverent. So, on a day when every media eye is trained on Europe, it felt appropriate to join the conversation and share our love for Europe."


  • Title: Farage Loves Europe
  • Brand: Lastminute