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Harvey Nichols turns heads with new Walk of Shame Christmas video

December 5, 2011

DDB UK reveals a new Christmas video for Harvey Nichols today, which drops audiences into the embarrassing reality of the morning after the office Christmas party… the dreaded Walk of Shame.

The creative plays on the theme of ‘the morning after the night before’. A big Christmas party perhaps, followed by an early morning journey home, complete with the tell-tale symptoms: the slight limp from the killer heels (which seemed a good idea at the time), accompanied by under-eye bags that would rival even Victoria Beckham’s largest tote and bed hair. Party-goers making their way home, eyes down, cheeks ablaze, trying to ignore disapproving stares of the 8am commuters; and the wolf-whistles from the builders perched on scaffolding above.

The film culminates with our ‘hero’ girl walking back to her flat doing what looks more like a ‘stride of pride’. She clearly never made it home, but something sets her apart from the others. Her Harvey Nichols outfit still looks fantastic and she walks with her head held high. The line reads: “Avoid the Walk of Shame this Season. Harvey Nichols Womenswear.” The ad ends with a call to action to: Share your #walkofshame on Twitter.

The Christmas video aims to promote the luxury fashion retailers selection of eveningwear, alongside international fashion designers and those beauty essentials to help you look and feel fabulous throughout the party season.

Julia Bowe, Group Press and Marketing Director at Harvey Nichols, commented: “We love taking something true to life and having fun with it and seeing how Harvey Nichols can make things better. We know that a fabulous outfit can cover a multitude of sins - and in answer to whether or not I have ever done the walk of shame… no comment.”

The video was written by Mike Crowe and Rob Messeter and directed by James Rouse through Outsider. It will be sent out to all Harvey Nichols’ friends, customers and suppliers, and hosted on the Harvey Nichols site and YouTube channel: