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Thierry Brynaert named CEO of MEC Belgium

September 28, 2014

MEC today announced that Thierry Brynaert has been named CEO of MEC Belgium, effective October 1st 2014. He replaces Alain Hendrickx, who after 35 years in the industry and 15 years as part of the MEC family, has decided to retire. Commenting on his appointment, Thierry Brynaert said, “I’m …

MEC Powers the Regional Team in Asia Pacific with Senior Hires

September 23, 2014

MEC today announced two new additions to the regional team in Hong Kong. Alex Meaden joins as Regional Marketing Director, Asia Pacific. She will report to Stephen Li, CEO Asia Pacific and will work closely with Nathalie Haxby, Global Marketing Director. This is a new role and Alex will be …

MEC anuncia nombramiento de CEO regional para América Latina

September 21, 2014

Renato de Paula, ejecutivo Top de la Industria, se mueve a un Grupo de Medios MEC anuncia hoy la llegada de Renato de Paula como nuevo CEO Regional para América Latina. Renato sustituye a Michael Jones, quien después de 19 años con MEC se retira de la industria. Renato de Paula, previament…

MEC anuncia novo CEO Regional para a América Latina

September 21, 2014

Executivo Top da Indústria, Renato de Paula vai para um Grupo de Mídia MEC anunciou hoje a chegada de Renato de Paula, o novo CEO Regional para a América Latina. Renato substitui a Michael Jones, que depois de 19 anos na MEC, deixa a indústria. Renato de Paula estava na Havas Worldwide, on…

MEC Announces Regional CEO for Latin America

September 21, 2014

Top Industry Exec Renato de Paula Makes Move to Media MEC today announced the arrival of Renato de Paula as the new Regional CEO for Latin America. Renato replaces Michael Jones, who after 19 years with MEC is retiring from the industry. Renato de Paula was previously at Havas Worldwide, w…