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Microloan Foundation Launch Live Donation Digital Poster Campaign

February 22, 2012

The Microloan Foundation, a UK charity providing small business loans to women in sub-Saharan Africa, is launching an innovative live donation digital billboard campaign at Westfield London, Shepherds Bush this weekend.

Created by DLKW Lowe, the campaign asks the public to donate via SMS to activate the creative on screen and receive a personalised on-screen thank you message.

The screens will show an incomplete image of a smiling African woman constructed entirely from pennies. Users will be invited to participate with message: “Your small change can make a big difference in Africa. See How. Text CHANGE and your NAME to 70777” Users will then donate a fixed amount by text and each donation causes a new batch of coins to fall into place on the poster image until eventually the picture of the smiling woman is complete.

Completed images appear on penniesforlife.org.uk where donors can look up their contribution and see their coins tagged within the image. Donors can then share their contribution with friends via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Peter Ryan from The Microloan Foundation commented: “We are delighted by this campaign, it is highly innovative, interactive and we hope will attract a lot of new donors to support our work”

Greg Delaney from DLKW Lowe said: “The beauty of this idea is not just that it uses innovative digital and mobile technology to allow you to interact with the poster, it harnesses this for a great cause - deepening engagement and strengthening the relationship between donor and recipient.”

Digital production and technical build was coordinated by Grand Visual, with SMS monitoring and integration managed through their OpenLoop platform. 3D motion graphics were produced by Absolute with website design and build by United Studios.

The MicroLoan Foundation were awarded £50k worth of media spend for the idea in last year’s ‘The Art of Outdoor Digital Competition’ hosted by Ocean Outdoor.

The campaign runs from the 25th - 26th February 2012 as a weekend domination on Ocean Outdoor’s Southern Terrace digital poster site at Westfield London.

Dan Dawson, Digital Director at Grand Visual commented: “The genius of this campaign is in its immediacy and responsiveness. It encourages the public to participate in the ad itself and personally thanks them for their involvement. Online assets extend the life of the campaign and builds awareness via social networks.