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E.ON encourages the country to get 'energy fit'

November 8, 2010

 On Monday 8th November, E.ON is launching a major new campaign to encourage the country to get energy fit.


Created by DLKWLowe, the campaign sets out to promote the launch of eonenergyfit.com, a new website that provides personalised energy efficiency advice with tools that allow users to enter detailed information on energy use.


The campaign launches with a 40” commercial, directed by Jim Lefevre of Nexus Productions and features a pair of loveable animated mice who are displeased by human’s energy saving measures impacting on their comfortable life.    The energy saving measures, inspired by eonenergyfit.com includes the implementation of draft excluders limiting the mice’s access under the door and their draughty little mice holes being filled up with cavity wall insulation.


The mice characters, playing the role of saboteurs are played by Jim Broadbent, who stars as Major Mouse, and Mark Maier who plays his sidekick Riley.  They are searching for ways to evade their human neighbours.

The TV is part of a fully integrated campaign including radio, online, press and outdoor advertising.

The first advert launches on Monday 8th November 2010, at 7.45pm during the mid-break of Coronation Street on ITV1.