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DLKW Lowe launches Morrisons ‘Biggest ever Disney’ promotion.

July 31, 2011

At the beginning of July Morrisons, in partnership with Disney, launched the biggest ever Disney giveaway. Giving Morrisons customers the chance to win one of a 1000 stays at Disneyland Paris. Everytime a customer spends £30 in store they are given a free pack of Disney Magical Moments cards. Within these packs are 1000 gold cards, if the customer finds one, they win a stay! 


The ATL campaign consisting of press, TV, cinema, radio, digital and outdoor  was masterminded by creatives Tom Hudson and Lee Goulding of DLKW Lowe and the TV was directed by Jackie Oudney of Rogue Films.


The TV advert sees a series of scenarios depicting parents and their dis-interested kids arriving at a party, playing football or on a games console. The kids are only interested in one thing, going to Morrisons. Finally, the reason is revealed, and you see the delight of one of the kids, standing in a Morrisons store, finding a gold card and consequently winning.