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Happy Bloody 10th Birthday THORPE PARK Fright Nights

October 11, 2011

DLKW Lowe has created a Facebook application for THORPE PARK Fright Nights 10th Birthday, where fans of the page are invited to join in with the celebrations and test their shock levels in preparation for Fright Nights.  

The challenge is to try and blow out all the candles on the THORPE PARK Fright Nights 10th Birthday cake by blowing into your microphone. What the viewer doesn’t know is that the cake is no ordinary cake; a shocking surprise lies in wait. While you are watching the horror video, you are also being filmed and recorded by your webcam and microphone so that your scare moment can be recorded and posted into the Fright Nights gallery. You can then share the invitation with your friends to try and scare them and watch their reactions. Each person who adds the application to their Facebook profile is entered into a competition to win Ultimate Fastrack Tickets to THORPE PARK’s Fright Nights