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thetrainline.com new campaign launch "Be Sensible. Save with thetrainline.com"

August 23, 2012

This week sees the launch of a new campaign for thetrainline.com

The campaign centres on a 30” TVC execution and supporting cutdowns, written by DLKW Lowe’s Christian Sewell and Andy McAnaney and directed by Si and Ad at Academy. It seeks to dramatise the fact that you would be mad to pay more than you need to on train tickets. Instead, ‘Be Sensible’ and book in advance and save money at thetrainline.com. When every penny counts, the campaign is intended to remind British train travellers that they needn’t pay over the odds - it’s easy to save money on tickets with thetrainline.com.

The ad opens on a seemingly ‘normal’ British train carriage filled with everyday passengers – families, business people and students – making their usual journeys. A man then bursts into the carriage, wild eyed and manic, announcing to everyone that he’s just found out that he (and they) could have saved a heap of cash if they’d only booked their tickets in advance at thetrainline.com. Cue chaos and pandemonium; in discovering they’ve all paid far too much for their train tickets, the carriage goes crazy, with each passenger showing their extreme frustration in their own different ways. There is mass hysteria – people are screaming, tickets are flying, dogs are fainting and heads are literally turning to jelly.

Amongst this chaos however, one passenger remains oblivious to the chaos – she emanates serenity and calm, assured in the knowledge that she has been sensible. She booked her ticket in advance on thetrainline.com and can sit back and relax knowing she did not pay over the odds for her train ticket.

As the leading independent rail ticket retailer, thetrainline.com wanted a bold and impactful execution that clearly and simply highlighted their main savings message – whilst continuing to demonstrate their sense of humour.

The campaign will run throughout Autumn on TV, supported by Youtube and VOD activity. 30” and 10” edits will run in TV spots supported by a longer length film online.

The TV commercial launches on Sunday 26th August 2012.