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RAF Reserves – ‘Live a Challenging Life’ cinema

September 21, 2012

Next week sees the launch of the RAF Reserves new cinema advertisement supporting the Ministry of Defence’s ongoing campaign to double the number of Reserves standing side by side with the RAF Regulars.

The 30” film, written by DLKW Lowe’s Christian Sewell and Andy McAnaney, shows civilians turned into silhouettes and filled with evocative RAF imagery, representing the sense of challenge that their second life in the RAF Reserves brings them. The film was directed by Niall O’Brien and produced by Academy.

The new film is part of a campaign to (raise awareness and) recruit 500 RAF Reservists by March 2013. The RAF Reserves is made up of 20 squadrons across the UK that employ part-time volunteer Reservists to train and work alongside regular RAF personnel at home and overseas. In addition to the cinema advert, the campaign includes local print and radio. All work drives to an updated website that brings the many to life the many roles available in the Reserves and answers questions that potential recruits might have.

David Ogden, Head of RAF Careers Marketing said:
“The RAF Reserves offers a unique and different challenge to full-time service. This campaign captures the essence of what it is to be an RAF Reserve. This is critical to establish the RAF Reserves in its own right in order to inspire busy, active people with the unique challenge the RAF Reserves can offer alongside a day job.”

The film launches in cinemas nationwide on Friday 21st September and will running througout the autumn in films such as Looper, Skyfall and On the Road.