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Virgin Mobile - "Jet" - RKCR/Y&R

  • Jet
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile
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  • United Kingdom
  • Idle Thumbs
Product CategoryPersonal Wireless Communication
MarketUnited Kingdom
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationNovember 21, 2003
Media TypeTelevision
Length40 Seconds
Awards IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2004 (Entrant) for
Art Director Richard Denney
Copywriter David Henderson
Director Paul Hunter
Account Director Georgina Wood
Account Planner Tom Morton
Account Planner Sherree Halliwell
Actor / Celebrity Busta Rhymes
Advertising Manager James Kydd
Deputy Planning Director Tom Morton
The Devil Makes Work For Idle Thumbs


This case shows how advertising enabled Virgin Mobile to grow from a standing start into four million customer business in just four years. Advertising created a distinct positioning for Virgin Mobile by mounting a customer-friendly challenge to the mobile market. This enabled Virgin to overcome the financial size and technological advantages of bigger establishment networks. Virgin Mobile experienced substantial brand-led growth at a time of market slowdown. This growth will generate some £428m gross profit for Virgin.