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Product NameWhite
Product CategoryTV/Radio Programs & Stations
MarketUnited Kingdom
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationFebruary 26, 2008
Media TypeTelevision
Length80 Seconds
Awards British Arrows, 2009 (Bronze) for TV and Radio Promotions
Sound Design Company Wave Studios
Production Company Therapy Films
Art Director Jerry Hollens
Copywriter Mike Boles
Director Malcolm Venville
Producer Louise Jones
Account Director David Young
Account Manager Abbi Wolffe
Retoucher Lee Aldridge
Typographer Lee Aldridge
Music Billy Bragg
Sound Designer Parv Thind
Advertising Manager Lindsay Nuttall
Advertising Manager Ruairi Curran
Is white working class Britain becoming invisible?


The TV trail shows a white working class man’s face being gently written on by many hands, writing in both English and other languages. The hands represent multi-cultural Britain, scribing one of two phrases: ‘I love Britain’ and ‘Britain is changing’.


The trail has been carefully conceived. The hands represent multi-cultural Britain in all its guises and include white hands which represent the way in which some sections of society have embraced multi-cultural society. It is intended to capture the fact that people from many different cultures are making a positive contribution to our national economy and identity with the words ‘I love Britain’ whilst referring to the fact that there are a number of different factors affecting white working classes - from changes in industry to political representation – with the phrase ‘Britain is changing’.


The season explores the loss of white working class identity in various regions of the UK as a result of increasing numbers of migrant communities forming.
It’s clearly an incredibly sensitive subject matter, and BBC2 is aiming to give an objective overview of all of the debates surrounding the issue.