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RKCR/Y&R produces BBC campaign – ‘Where Next?’

March 15, 2013

RKCR/Y&R has produced a cross media campaign for the BBC called ‘Where Next?’. The brief was to demonstrate the broadcaster’s continued commitment to innovation for public benefit across its 90 year history, taking the viewer on a journey of broadcast, technological and creative advances from 1922 to the present day.

RKCR/Y&R used a combination of footage from the BBC archive, adapted and shot scenes as well as animation and CGI to demonstrate key moments of innovation, segueing from one frame into the next, as each character moves from one scene of innovation to another.

The team behind the campaign searched through archive footage to find clips that would match up and worked with Aardman to recreate Morph, Matthew Herbert of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop to create the soundtrack and The Mill post production house to blend scenes and mash together The Ministry of Silly Walks’, Ceefax and Johnny Ball presenting microcomputers on Newsround.

The campaign will run on TV and radio across the BBC’s channels and stations and will point to a ‘Where Next?’ site on bbc.co.uk featuring an interactive timeline of the BBC’s innovations. The campaign will be renewed throughout the year with shorter TV trails that demonstrate on-going innovation.

Alison Hoad, vice chairman of RKCR/Y&R, said: “The BBC as an organisation is constantly innovating with a public purpose. From colour television to BBC iPlayer, the BBC innovates to make our lives richer. It has been a fun and stimulating challenge to tell that story by piecing together all of the BBC’s fantastic archive footage. The journey we have portrayed takes you through such a wide range of innovations and advances from 1922 all the way to the present day that you really are left with a sense of pride at all of the things that our national broadcaster has created over the years. Not only that but it is exciting to think what game changing innovations the BBC will bring us in the future”

The TV launch trail will premiere on-air this weekend and will run throughout the year to highlight on-going innovation at the BBC.

The new campaign was developed by Creative team Barnaby Blackburn and Gustavo Kopit and Creative Directed by Toby Talbot, Ted Heath and Paul Angus. The launch TV trail was directed by Anthony Dickenson, director at Pulse Films, and was produced by Red Bee.


  • Title: Where Next?
  • Brand: BBC