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RKCR/Y&R launches new Fire Safety campaign around the Clock Change

October 21, 2011

RKCR/Y&R is launching the new national Fire Kills campaign with the Department for Communities and Local Government, which will encourage people to test their smoke alarm when they change their clocks.

Most people know that having a working smoke alarm can save lives, but often we still put off testing our alarms until a more convenient time – or not at all. Over the weekend of 29/30 October when the clocks go back, in every home in the UK people will already be going around their homes performing the necessary task of changing their clocks. This campaign asks them to remember to do one more thing: test their smoke alarm when they change their clock. The campaign aims to reinforce this association over time, so that smoke alarm testing becomes an automatic behaviour on the clock change dates.

The advertisements, which launches on 24 October, highlight the association we’re making between smoke alarm testing and the clock change, by showing stark imagery of clocks which have been destroyed by a fire. The headlines prompt people to act, for example: “British summer time comes to an end soon. Make sure you don’t. When you change your clock, test your smoke alarm.”

The campaign will run across print, radio and social media, including an online video of a real clock melting in a simulated house fire created by Radium Audio.

Radium Audio immediately understood that a Foley, the reproduction of everyday sounds, approach was needed for the audio to infuse the piece with a strong feeling of impending danger, aiming to inspire a sense of urgency in the listener.

The session focused on capturing the sound of melting plastic as a narrative for the clock action in the piece – such as bubble wrap, fizzy drink bottles and old computer casings, moving onto more combustible objects including old metal electronics components. The recordings were then layered in to create a feeling of being physically very close to the listener, sonically infusing the piece with a sense of kinetic movement, crafting a simple yet hyperreal, unnerving sound experience.

The advertising activity will be concentrated into two highly focused bursts around the clock change dates, in an effort to reach every British home with this important message. 

Damon Collins, Executive Creative Director, says: ‘Getting the public to test their smoke alarm is vitally important.  We hope the strategy and creative execution in this campaign will encourage people to foster a new behaviour that will in turn help save lives.’

You are four times as likely to die in a house fire if you don’t have a working smoke alarm. For more information on the fire safety campaign, please check online at www.facebook.com/firekills