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If you’ve been to the Cannes Lions, you know that you can get booze any time day or night, but it’s almost impossible to find food after midnight. The result is a lot of drunk, hungry people stumbling around town at 3 in the morning. Deutsch LA wants to help those people this year with scooters that will deliver free late-night pizza throughout Cannes—and a mobile app that will help them find it.

We’re working with a local pizzeria to hand out pizza from five Deutsch LA-branded scooters anywhere there’s a crowd on the street, whether that’s at a party letting out or at Cannes legends like the Gutter Bar. Drivers will be wearing our colors, with orange jumpsuits and white helmets. 

Rather than having people simply hope we stop by, we wanted to give people a way to find a slice. So we created a mobile delivery app and a mobile site, Drivers will be carrying GPS-enabled iPhones in arm holsters, and when they take off for a new destination, say the Gutter Bar, they punch in that destination on the app. 

People looking at the site will see the new location on the map with a pizza icon—and will be able to tell exactly where the scooters are with a scooter icon.