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VIDEO: Why Agency People Really Leave Their Jobs in Advertising

June 13, 2012

Each year, a third of the agency work force will move to new jobs. Deutsch LA execs will speak next week at Cannes Lions ( ) about ways to hold on to advertising people, and unveil a new talent retention study we created with the 4As.

Why do agency people leave their jobs? The funny, profane videos below show what agency employees (at some fictional agency, naturally) really say about life in the advertising business—or at least as much of that as we can show. Watch them for yourselves, but here's a preview: account people want more credit, creatives want fewer rounds of edits, and producers want creative to stop thinking so much about sushi.

The videos:
What creatives really think about advertising:
What account people really think about advertising:
What producers really think about advertising:

If you're in Cannes, make sure to watch the session and schedule some time with our execs.

"Ending the Agency Talent Rotisserie"
Michael Sheldon, CEO, and Kim Getty, Partner and Director of Account Management
Cannes Forum, Monday June 18, 14:00-15:00.