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VW performance straight from the loins of Chuck Norris

July 4, 2012

Chris, tire-skidding, vomit-inducing, Rubik's-cubing kind of fun—this is how we celebrate Volkswagen performance. To show the speed of VW cars, we created a series of online videos that pit the GTI, Golf R and Jetta GLI against YouTube sensations known for their speed talents in a one-lap-takes-all race to the finish.

The world’s fastest female speed talker recites the Gettysburg address, a speed Rubik’s cuber solves his puzzle with one hand, a beat-boxer spits his beat “Lickety Spit,” and a speed guitarist plays Flight of the Bumblebee, all while our VW performance vehicles jet around a race track to outperform their opponents.

Check out the videos below and watch these Youtube sensations try to keep their cool as they’re flung around the track by none other than Chuck Norris’ son. (VW performance comes straight from the loins of Chuck Norris? That's one theory. Or it could be the engineering.)

• Golf R Performance Cuber:

• GTI Performance Beat Boxer:

• Jetta GLI Performance Talker:

• Jetta GLI Performance Guitar:

Some highlights of the series:

• The driver is Eric Norris, an accomplished racing driver and stuntman in 104 movies, and Chuck Norris' youngest son.

• Speed guitarist John Taylor holds the world record for fastest Guitar playing of Flight of the Bumblebee at 600 BPM ( ). He got so sick after the first few takes around the raceway that we had to re-order the shots to give him a break.

• Speed talker Fran Capo is the world's fastest talking female at 603 words in 54 seconds. ( ). She's a self-proclaimed thrill seeker, but our driver was able to shake her up to the point of hysterical laughter and asking our driver "Are you serious?!?" when they skidded to a stop.

• Speed cuber Anthony Brooks can solve a Rubik's cube in 8.28 seconds, so we had to slow him down by making him solve it one-handed. At one point we even made him do it blind folded ( ).

• Beat-boxer JFlo made up "Lickety Split" to reflect the changes of the track and the car's speed as it raced around the curves.

• Videos were shot at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA, on 4 separate tracks.