Carmichael Lynch

Minneapolis, United States

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Carmichael Lynch Awards

The Show Bronze Banner Ad - Dynamic - Single Subaru of America 2010
The Show Bronze Television Ad - Campaign Subaru of America 2010
The Show Merit Television Ad - Single:30 Subaru of America 2010
One Show Interactive Awards Finalist(s) Subaru and Carmichael Collective 2012
Adweek's Top 5 Commercials of the Week Subaru - The Barkley's Campaign 2014
EFFIE USA Bronze Subaru - First Car Story 2013
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity Bronze Lion Website Design Subaru 2016
The One Show Bronze Pencil CSR - Websites / Websites Subaru 2016
The Webby Awards Official Honoree(s) Online Campaign Automotive and Banner Campaign Subaru 2012
EMMY Nomination Outstanding Commercial Category Subaru 2011
45th Annual Effie Awards Winner Subaru 2013
FWA Site of the Day Subaru 2012
The One Show Merit Award Television & Cinema Schutt 2008
Graphis Advertising Annual Gold Finalist Drift Whale Redfeather 2008