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Carmichael Lynch and Director Rocky Morton Awaken Sasquatch

May 20, 2013

As Hollywood teaches us, you just can’t keep a good mythological creature down. Carmichael Lynch’s latest chapter of Jack Link’s Messin’ With Sasquatch saga finds Sas a tad cranky after an overly long winter hibernation. And as he wanders farther into civilization to find out just what the heck happened to spring, he comes across a whole new crop of young folks who still haven’t learned the two most important rules of being in a Jack Link’s commercial: 1) Don’t ever mess with Sasquatch, and 2) See Rule 1.

Filmed by Rocky Morton, the first spot "All Dolled Up," shows why you should let sleeping Sasquatch lie. The other two spots "Coop" and "Hose," illustrate the painful lessons one must learn in Sasquatch country should you chose to upset him.