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Carmichael Lynch presents: Tweetaconda for Denver Museum of Nature & Science

February 29, 2012

A new Twitter-driven marketing campaign from Carmichael Lynch and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science launches today. The initiative, called "Tweetaconda," literally feeds on your words. Tweet with the hashtag #tweetaconda or type in a message at and you can help create the world's longest digital snake. The more you tweet, the longer it grows. The web site has been designed to reach a length of more than 32.75 feet (based on the current record of a snake found in Celebes, Indonesia).

"If the Bronx Zoo Cobra taught us anything, it's that Twitter has an insatiable appetite for snakes -- and the other way around," said Dave Damman, chief creative officer of Carmichael Lynch. As visitors scroll the body of the Tweetaconda they can learn facts about the live snakes in the Museum's new Lizards & Snakes exhibit which houses more than 60 reptiles from five different continents. The goal of the site is to drive traffic to the exhibit and increase the Museum's digital footprint by engaging its 25,000+ social media followers. "We want the community to keep learning beyond the walls of the Museum," said Amanda Bennett, director of marketing for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Become a part of scientific history by using #tweetaconda or visiting