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New Trane campaign from Carmichael Lynch tests the limits of product and category

May 1, 2012

A team from Carmichael Lynch made a great discovery while touring Trane’s headquarters in Tyler, Texas. They were introduced to Trane’s SEET lab, where Trane’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems undergo rigorous testing in the most extreme conditions. Carmichael Lynch was so impressed by the durability of Trane’s products that they wanted to see just how far they could take Trane’s iconic tagline.

“It’s Hard To Stop A Trane®. For years this tagline has proven what we already know: that these are the most reliable HVAC machines in the world," said Dave Damman, chief creative officer at Carmichael Lynch. “But much like Frankenstein, the only one that could kill the monster was the one person who created it -- Dr. Frankenstein."

Carmichael Lynch then took that idea to Ingersoll Rand Residential Solutions VP of Marketing Scott Martin, who saw the opportunity to set the heating and air conditioning category on its ear while also reinforcing the Trane brand promise.

"This campaign is true to everything Trane represents. It's reliability with a capital 'R,' said Martin. "Only Trane can legitimately demonstrate this type of extreme, exaggerated testing. It's because our engineers take our products to the limit every day. And consumers understand that."

Carmichael Lynch, with the help of production company Bandito Brothers LLC brought to life Trane’s testing message in a highly cinematic way. “There we were, right on the edge of Death Valley, putting Trane’s units through the most unexpected testing conditions and breaking world records,” said Sheldon Clay, creative director at Carmichael Lynch. One of the four TV spots, Belly Flop, features a 39-foot city bus that sets a world record for biggest remote-controlled jump, which belly flops on a Trane cooling unit. The Bandito Brothers recycled the destroyed city bus by turning it into an office bar.

“We are fortunate to have a client that’s willing to go to the edge in demonstrating a product benefit, especially when it involves fire, lightning and explosives. Probably not what you’d expect from a 100-year-old HVAC company. It turned out to be a big idea that blew them away. Literally." said Damman.

The Bandito Brothers, who specialize in high-action filmmaking, incorporated a lot of the same filming techniques that they used in their blockbuster hit, “Act of Valor.” The TV spots brought to life Trane’s iconic tagline and demonstrated just how hard it is to stop a Trane heating and air conditioning unit.