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Volkswagen - "Winter Adjusted Bear" - DDB Worldwide Inc.

  • Winter Adjusted Bear
  • Volkswagen
  • Volkswagen
  • DDB Worldwide Inc.
  • Sweden
  • Winter Adjusted Bear
Product CategoryAutomotive
Date of First Broadcast/Publication2012
Media TypeOutdoor / Out of Home
Length89 Seconds


DDB Stokholm finagled and actual bear, trained a webcam on him, and offered a special deal on a Tiguan 4Motion until the bear woke up.  The bears hideaway was streamed online, and a competition offered prized to those who most closely guessed the time when the bear would wake up.


Lack luster Winter car sales.


The campaign site received over 221,000 unique visitors and over 458,000 page views, and over 3,300 4Motion cars were sold during the course of the campaign.  The offer closed at the end of April, when the bear finally left hibernation.