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  • Frontier Airlines
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  • A Whole Different Animal
Product CategoryAirlines, Airports, Railways, Bus Lines, Ferries & Cruises
MarketUnited States
Media TypeTelevision
Length30 Seconds
Production Company WildChild/Voodoo
Editing Company WildChild/Voodoo
Sound Production McHale/Barone
Creative Director Rob Baiocco
Creative Director Graham Button
Art Director Gary Ennis
Copywriter Sean Couzens
Director Steve Marino
Production Company Producer Sue Wladar
Agency Producer Aaron Royer
Agency Producer Lori Bullock
Editor Neil Miller
A Whole Different Animal


One of Frontier Airlines' most distinguishing features is its tail art -images of animals. In our advertising, the animals literally tell the airline's story, talking to each other on the tarmac about Frontier's new services, routes and planes.


We used Frontier’s most distinguishing feature — the animals on the planes’ tails — to literally tell the story. The animals’ animated banter reflects Frontier’s fun, friendly and likeable corporate culture in a way employees and the public can relate to. It also conveys important information about new features that makes travel easier and maybe even more fun.


Frontier Airlines needed to raise its almost non-existent profile in hometown Denver. To create a rallying cry for employees and publicize new features such as DIRECTV, a new fleet and expanded routes.