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Product CategoryInsurance
Date of First Broadcast/Publication2013
Media TypeTelevision
Length17 Seconds


With the economic decline, public confidence was deeply shaken and people felt an ongoing sense of uncertainty about their futures. This affected the insurance category as households with life insurance declined from a high of 90% to only 77% in 2010.To find our best prospects, we went beyond demographics to uncover an attitude and a distinct mindset among those most likely to purchase life insurance. We found that those who were optimistic – who had a positive outlook on life – were the ones who actually bought life insurance. Their real motivation was not about the fear of loss, but about protecting the good that they have.By defying long-standing category communications conventions and tapping into this basic human truth, Havas uncovered an inspiring idea that connects New York Life to the values of our target while giving the brand an ownable and distinct point of view in a cluttered marketplace. From this idea, a new campaign was born — giving a well-established, traditional brand a fresh, new image."New York Life is the brand that helps perpetuate the good in people’s lives."