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  • A Little Better
Product Namealittlebettergasstation.com
Product CategoryEnergy Production, Raw Materials & Minerals
Media TypeTelevision
Length30 Seconds
beyond petrolleum


A series of animated spots show characters interacting with BP stations in different ways. Babies choose BP over less desirable gas stations. Tiny characters scrub the inside of an engine clean. And a gas station builds around a family on a road trip desperate for a place to stop.


By giving BP a personality that people can connect to, and by delivering on the promise of being a little better at the site, it will give people a reason to turn right into BP instead of left into another station. This campaign takes a light, fun approach to gas station advertising. It says that pulling into a BP doesn’t have to be a dull experience—it can be a little better.


People don’t expect much from gas stations. Unkempt sites, dirty bathrooms and poor service are often the norm. Plus buying gas can be dull at best and a nuisance at worst. But BP wants to change that perception with the promise to be a little better. Being a little better can mean a lot in a place where people expect so little.


Consumers are responding positively to the “little better” message with increased trial and preference of BP’s gas stations. On the web, the campaign micro-site, alittlebettergasstation.com, outperformed expectations with over two million visitors. The campaign also featured an online game titled "Gas Mania." Total Gas Mania game plays within the first four months of the campaign were well over 12 million.