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  • Durham, North Carolina 27701
  • United States
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About Us

In an era when people have as much power as brands, we need creativity more than ever. Not just to get people’s attention, but also to change what they feel, think and do. This is infuence: the power to cause change by connecting your brand to what people really want. In the world of marketing today, infuence is the payoff, creativity is the currency, and we are the mint. 

At McKinney, we believe in the power of influence through creativity, and we make it happen by either claiming an emotional territory inside a category in order to lead it or by leaving the category behind. And we do it so as a group of creatively led people who like each other — including our clients — and are focused solely on the outcome. This means that we have no "McKinney style." Our work solves the challenge in front of us, however it needs to be done. And, as a freestanding agency operating independently within the Seoul, Korea-headquartered Cheil Worldwide network, we have access to the resources of 44 offices in 37 countries to make that work.

The effectiveness awards that our clients win show that our ideas work harder, smarter and better. And as one agency, two doors — one in Durham and one in New York — we have a great time making that possible. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Pound for pound, there’s no agency in America with our track record of results. We operate from one very simple premise: your success is our success. We win lots of awards, but the one we covet most is the Effie. We’ve won 36 Effies since 2003 and we’re happy to prove that there’s no agency where you have a better chance of Effie-worthy results. We demand a lot of ourselves, and we’ve done things to adapt to our changing world that most agencies are only starting to worry about. Our clients are based an average 992 miles from our front door. We must be doing something right for so many clients to be willing to travel so far, and bypass so many other good agencies, to work with us. Part of it is our focus on results. Part of it is our focus on the right people. Our staff comprises top talent from six continents, nine countries and 48 states. We are picky: we assess 150 people for every six we interview for every one hire. Our CEO is on the board of the 4A’s, was founding chair the Interactive Advertising Bureau Agency Advisory Board and ran Leo Burnett USA before coming to McKinney. His credentials are pretty much the norm here. People also say we’re good to work with. Maybe that’s because we have toiled at places where people were too busy stabbing each other in the back to notice the real competition was outside the building. We live by the “No Asshole” rule. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you really like and respect each other. Part of it is we are constantly seeking more powerful ways for brands and people to connect. Real strategic and creative integration is hard. To make it happen, we were the first major agency to put digital into our existing disciplines and the third agency to pioneer connection planning; our media planners and creatives collaborate freely, and we literally built our work environment to enable the kind of left- and right-brained collaboration that true integration requires.

Network Description

McKinney is a freestanding agency operating independently within the Seoul, Korea-headquartered Cheil Worldwide network, we have access to the resources of 59 offices in 33 countries.