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E.ON / Sweden’s Largest Energy Experiment

January 2, 2013

If you could actually see how much electricity you use, would it change your behaviour? And if so, what would be the best way to visualize it? We created Sweden's Largest Energy Experiment to find out.

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We recruited 10.000 participants, created a online and mobile app connected to their homes, and showed their energy consumption in real time. During a year we visualized their consumption in five different ways, to see what would make them save the most.

Mobile and Online energy meter app7bc6de0e86111e3d7223b680198a.jpg0d87cfdde27f1f140a3d4148b41d.jpg9555a4abdffa037850ad6187e558.jpg244b2aaaae6bf31bd19b2ed9a24e.jpga19ef5c9a0829903341ec70883f5.jpg65e16aabf44d0b3c0a7bfc55199d.jpg34962e414f7773c1284cca2f1496.jpgCampaign Sited5c5b34b553e375d098e3a282ed9.jpg18a68eea749c3bf134b403fc54c0.jpge1b496f7d02f23abf23a7626afb8.jpg7054226de50533add7c533893c45.jpgd5d4fa7e4124eb966e0adb5db5cb.jpg3bf45ccccca7addff00fd9c8b8a1.jpg81f9cf2c47966cbf77dfced0717a.jpgTraditional media

We took the best tips from the puplic and turned them into outdoor units, tv-spots and even a book.



  • She is cute, funny, kind... perfect!

  • Sure, but does she remember to turn the lights off, won't leave things in standby, and always runs a full dishwasher?

Find more energy saving tips from the Swedish people at:



  • Oh darling. How romantic of you to light candles and...

  • Yeah but... that was just to save energy.

Find more energy saving tips from the Swedish people at: