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Yes, we’re open!

April 11, 2013

Today we open the doors to our brand new site.

For you, our dear visitor, this means you’ll be able to see lots of great work that hasn’t been visible on our previous site. And for us, working at F&B, it means that we finally have a site with top-notch functionality.

When we started working on the site we said that we wanted to make it the fastest in the world – and have a back end that would bring home the Grand Prix in the Admin Awards 2013 (if such a thing existed). We came pretty close.

Since we didn’t have an angry client breathing down our neck on this project, the site isn’t quite ready yet. There are still lots of campaigns missing. And some copy that hasn’t been written. But you’ll still find plenty of things in here to share with your friends on various social networks (yes, that’s an order!).

If you have all the time in the world, we suggest you click on ”all” in the top menu. If you are more of a busy bee ”best of” might be a better choice.

Enjoy the new!