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Stena Line / Road trip

June 27, 2013

Stena Line operates a majority of all ferries from Sweden to continental Europe. Since low price air lines started popping up less people take their car when going on vacation in Europe. And let´s be honest: When traveling to Berlin or Nice it´s cheaper, faster and easier to fly. So instead of trying to compete with schedules and prices, we focused on doing things airlines never could: Go wherever you want and stay for as long as you want. The obvious concept for this was road trips.

At the heart of the Road trip concept was – Europe’s biggest road trip site. A travel magazine and planning tool in one, to inspire people to make a road trip and then help them actually do it.

The site has over 900 articles about carefully chosen sights and trips, everything from castles to night clubs. When you read about a place you like, you can add that place to your road trip. You can add more places and edit as you like. The route is then created automatically for you. When you’re done it´s time to buy your ferry tickets.

To launch the concept and the site we did a big traditional campaign. Also, the massive amount of original content, springing from a well formulated content strategy, drove traffic via organic search.

Quick walkthrough of the site434992046_640.jpg
The content1bd3a415270d446bfeffe316d43eb0b6149c_700The site contains over 900 original articles.
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