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Volvo Trucks / Live Test Series

November 20, 2013

The creative idea was to carry out extreme tests of relevant product features, in a live set up, where the outcome could never be guaranteed. In this way we could thrill and engage the widest possible audience while still providing a valid demonstration of the new truck. If our live test films could evoke enough interest, then we might be able to get all the way through to the purchasers.

Case study456118806_640.jpgCommercialsmaxresdefault.jpgThe Epic Split - Live Test 06maxresdefault.jpgThe Chase - Live Test 05b760786e1ce17ce65e93c60587b86982731c_700The Hamster - Live Test 04d96c6b2af310c8280dde4d308bb929fa133d_700The Technician - Live Test 03097c8a4341be06099041474bb733a1159cea_700The Hook - Live Test 02f0c9add2d4cb352dbc90f4b12f866b206590_700The Ballerina Stunt - Live Test 01