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Marabou / One Mans Land

March 10, 2014

Marabou is Sweden’s most beloved chocolate brand. ‘Spread some Mmm…’, the new concept is all about being more generous to one another with Marabou chocolate as the enabler.

For the launch, we lead the way by building on the relationship between Swedes and Marabou. In a way that hadn’t been done before: by finding real stories where Marabou could make a real difference. We found our first story in an article of the magazine Land.

‘Onemansland’ is the story about Martin Mannela and his wife, who live in the most remote parts of northern Sweden. Their closest store is a 112 mile long journey, back and forth. On more occasions than one, Martin and his wife were left to eat syrup, instead of chocolate when their cravings for something sweet set in.

We decided to change that by opening Sweden’s most northern kiosk. On Mannela’s property.


Download film (QT H.264 1080p)


The launch consisted of a two minute feature film and a website ä ( where we invited all of Sweden to participate. A simple sensor in the kiosk told us every time someone in the family entered the kiosk. If the Mannelas were in the kiosk, the website changed appearance and you could get chocolate for you and a friend.

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Link to the PDF (in Swedish).