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Preem / Gasoline of the Future

June 24, 2014

Swedish oil company Preem gives away free Gasoline of the Future - before it’s even on the market.645c3089fcdd35bdb8cb3a91b6e2cdf59c88_700

The Gasoline of the Future is a unique Swedish innovation made from residues from the Swedish forest industry, Sweden’s most important industry. It works like ordinary gasoline, but with significantly lower carbon emissions. On the downside, it’s not available to fill up with yet. Preem is dependent on politicians’ decisions to be able to compete with the product on the market. By giving away 5000 free liters of the Gasoline of the Future ahead of product launch, they put pressure on both themselves and politicians to deliver whats needed for it to become a reality by 2017.

The film encourages people to collect their liter and spread the message. The campaign is backed up by print in all Sweden’s major news papers and culminates in Almedalen; A place where all of Sweden's opinion makers and politicians gather for a week in the summer to discuss important topics on Sweden’s political challenges.

Behind the Scenes244e14db7c60aec8dce5207ffddb22f5b395_700

The film was directed by Oskar Wrangö at Camp David. The message is presented as visual metaphors, installations in the forest.

“It is filmed completely in natural light. I like to do everything in camera, instead of adding digital effects in post. It adds authenticity to the message.” says Oskar.

Every installation is accompanied by a specific sound, created exclusively for Preem by composer Mattias Petersson.