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IQ / Just because…

June 9, 2014

Everyday drinking has increased in the past few years. We used to drink mostly on weekends. Today, we drink just about anytime. To most people, this isn't a problem, but for some it might become one. How do you drink? Test your habits at

Malibu / Summer you vs. Rest of the year you

June 9, 2014

Summer does stuff to us. There´s Summer-you and there´s Rest of the year-you. And Summer-you likes Malibu. TV CommercialsSarongBonfireDivingDiving InstructorNew PeoplePoolSay Yes

F&Bs winning streak continues

May 23, 2014

Last night our attention was set on the D&AD Award Show. F&B won three Yellow Pencils, one Nomination and two In-Book. But an already amazing evening turned magical when The Epic Split were awarded with a Black Pencil. The very first one for a Swedish agency. 1 Black Pencil3 Yello…

Åhléns / Shot it, got it!

May 22, 2014

Åhléns is Sweden’s largest chain of department stores. To show off their new arrivals this summer, we created a game only using Instagram and the screenshot function on your smartphone. In three different Instagram videos products flash by in high speed. If you manage to s…

Coop / Election campaign

May 15, 2014

With a general election this fall, Coop issued a challenge to the political parties in Sweden: Demand for organic food is at an all time high. But organic agriculture in Sweden is threatened. So Coop, the market leader when it comes to organic food, issued a challenge to all political par…