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Product CategoryAirlines, Airports, Railways, Bus Lines, Ferries & Cruises
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationAugust 25, 2010
Media TypeCase Study
Awards Grand Prix Stratégies du Marketing Client, 2011 (Grand Prix) for
Grand Prix Stratégies du Marketing Client, 2011 (Prix) for Activation de marque pour les clients
Phénix U.D.A de la Communication / Phénix UDA de la Communication, 2011 (Phénix d'Argent) for
Cristal Festival, 2010 (Special Mention) for Transport, Tourism


In 2010, Thalys launched a massive communication campaign based on the refurbishment of its trains and their interior fifting;. And yet, within the space of just a few weeks, the very same objects have become cult items. They are being discussed in the media and on social networks, and on eBay people are snapping them up!



Thalys embarked upon a refurbishment programme of its trains and interior fittings. How could this necessary "upgrade" be turned into a positive event enhancing the brand's image? 

Transform the old Thalys furniture into "collector" items
All collectors of rare and unusual items are invited to take part in an eBay auction placing bids on Thalys furniture. The operation, named "Collector by Thalys", is being promoted via posters and flyers on trains, web banners and a Facebook page directing traffic to a dedicated page on and to the eBay store.