RAPP, New York Follow Update

  • 437 Madison Avenue 3rd Floor
  • New York, New York 10022
  • United States
  • Phone: (+1) (212) 817-6800
  • Fax: (+1) (212) 686-7047
Number of Employees: 2200
Bob Horvath
Global Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Marco Scognamiglio
Chief Executive Officer, UK
Ian Haworth
Global Chief Creative Officer
Tina Allan
Chief Client Operations Officer
Tracey D. Brown
Managing Director, Dallas
Abaete de Azevedo
RAPP Brazil and Latin America President and Chief Executive Officer
Addison Deitz
Vice President, Business Development
Contact for
  • - New Business
Robert Grammatica
Managing Director, New York and Global Chief Healthcare Officer
Loren Grossman
Global Chief Strategy Officer
Matthew Hafkin
Global Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer
Helen Hibbott
Global Chief Talent Officer and APAC Business Lead
Jessie Kernan
Chief Strategy Officer
Ricardo Pomeranz
Global Chief Digital Officer
Anne Marie Schiller
Global Chief Client Operations
Phillip Schilling
Managing Director, Germany
Steve Takla
Chief Financial Officer
Mark Zahorik
Chief Information Officer