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Product CategorySportswear
Media TypeInteractive
Awards CLIO Awards, 2012 (Bronze) for Microsite / Website
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2011 (Bronze Lion) for Clothing, Footwear & Accessories
Creative Director Al Patton
Copywriter Al Patton
Copywriter Joanna Crean


The Nike Free is a shoe without boundaries, created for every type of athlete. To do it justice, we created the Nike Free arena, where athletes from different sports go head-to-head. At the Nike Free arena, competition comes down to who throws down the hardest. With each match up, the Free community votes on their favourite, deciding if the B-boy threw down harder than the daredevil gymnast, or if the capoeira expert outperformed the human robot. Voters could enter the Free Arena on Facebook to perform a move of their own, and vote on the best user-submitted videos.