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Product CategoryCommunity Website
Media TypeInteractive
Awards Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2011 (Bronze Lion) for Community Applications
Executive Creative Director Andy Clarke
Associate Creative Director Mirco Pasqualini
Art Director Robertino Zambrano
Chief Creative Officer Nick Law
Copywriter Chapin Clark
Copywriter Kristen Joy Watts


Social media has taken over our lives. We are constantly bombarded with the opinions of our friends and followers. So we wanted to give these “gurus” and “rock stars” a place where they could thrive: in hell. Introducing Social Media Hell, a mobile site that allows users to unlock the seven levels of hell based on Dante’s Inferno, through tweets and foursquare check-ins. It launched at SXSW Interactive, where players confess their sins by checking into designated locales or selling their souls through twitter posts. A leader board took form, with the top player of SXSW becoming mayor of hell.