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TitleMcCann Worldgroup & Priceless
Campaign Priceless
Advertiser MasterCard International
Brand MasterCard
Business Sector Credit Cards

MasterCard is a brand that has to work within a complex matrix of environments across multiple brands, markets and audiences. It has no direct relationship with consumers and with no consumer choice in the sector we needed to rebuild brand affinity to make MasterCard relevant again.

Through market research and consumer groups we found that emerging in 1990’s there was a shift away from a value system regarding social status and wealth as important and key to happiness, towards values where consumers regarded non-material items as being truly important to them.

Today, living in a world where the ‘new-normal’ of global recession grips consumers tightly this insight remains as relevant as ever. Our strategy was to urge consumers to lead rich lives, not to live richly. As the things that really matter, are the things that money actually can’t buy. And so the Priceless campaign was borne.

There are some things that money can't buy. For everything else there's MasterCard.

MasterCard began observing Priceless moments, however MasterCard now enables Priceless moments for its customer base. This is highlighted by McCann Londons campaigns around MasterCard Brit Awards, Champions League and Priceless London. 

Media Type Case Study

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